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29 Aug

Adirondacks 46s Scorecard

It seems that with our sister in law living in the Albany, NY region we may stop by the Adirondack region a lot more often.  That is why I have created my Adirondack 46’er scorecard.  It seems I have 44 more to fill out.  Somewhat related to the New England 4K’s. Ranking in Height Elevation […]

29 Aug

New England 4,000 Footer Scorecard

A simple entry to keep track of our progress in the White Mountains (New Hampshire) 4,000 Footers. On the table in this posting you will find the 48 goal Mountains and the date on which they where accomplished as well as who was with us (keeping track of the climbs for them).  Click on the […]

25 Apr

Why I Do not TGIF ??

Almost everyone is doing Facebook nowadays.  High School classmates, college classmates, ex-workmates, partners, clients, friends, family (even my mom and my aunt) and a few others that I do not know how to classify.  I love the status bar in Facebook:  it lets me know the interesting things that people are doing or thinking.  I […]

03 Jul

Mount Washington (6,288ft)

——– On a Wonderful Day On Monday July 3rd, 2006 we climbed Mount Washington in the New Hampshire’s White Mountains as an expression and celebration of Freedom (it was the day preceeding the 4th of July – Independence Day). We started the hike at the base of the Mount Washington Cog Railway ($5 parking fee) […]

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